1923 February

10th  C Muddy Ruel and P Allen Russell go from the Red Sox to Washington for catcher Val Picinich and outfielders Howard Shanks and Ed Goebel. Shanks will start at 3B for the Sox while Goebel will head for the minors.

11th  The Dodgers trade Clarence Mitchell, the only lefty spitter, to the Phils for Columbia George Smith. Smith, a 20-game loser last year, must breath a sigh of relief since he lost 14 straight to Brooklyn (September 3, 1920–June 25, 1922).

15th  With rookie Jim Bottomley in the wings, the Cards send 1B Jack Fournier to the Brooklyn Robins in a trade for C Hy Myers. The veteran Fournier says he’ll quit if he has to move (he has a successful insurance business), but gives in and plays another 5 years. Fournier, with 22 homers in 1923, will finish 2nd in the NL, but his 20 steals in 43 attempts, the century’s worst percentage for anyone with 20 steals, will barely qualify him for the 20-20 club. The trade is criticized in The Sporting News which says that Fournier is “an uncertain performer at first base” and that he was probably “bound for the bush” before the trade.

20th  Christy Mathewson becomes president of the Boston Braves after buying the club for $300,000 with New York attorney Judge Emil Fuchs and Bostonian James McDonough. The deal does not include Braves Field, which still belongs to James Gaffney. There are also 85 minority stockholders.