Many people contributed to the original book either with writing sections, editing or fact checking, and the DNA of their work continues here. A number of those original entries, especially in the 19th century, appear here unaltered, but many have been added to or edited. Condensing or shortening was a concern back in those print days; trimming a word or a line was important. Thankfully or not, the internet allows for more extensive writing.
The contributors to the printed version of the chronology included:
Bill Loughman, whose work on the 1845-75 era was incredibly extensive. The venerable Bob Davids worked on 1876, 1889, 1892, 1898 and 1899. Bob Tieman, then the chair of the 19th-Century Committee for SABR, was responsible for 1877-1881, 1886, 1888 (along with Bill Loughman). Adie Suehsdorf to 1889, 1897-99 and the 1916 years. Fred Ivor-Campbell worked on 1884, Marty LaCoste on 1885. Dean Sullivan not only wrote the entries for 1893-85 but contributed additional information and fact-checked the entire 19th century section. Bill Loughman did the 1888 and the 1897 section. The tireless Norman Macht wrote the 1890 section as well as all the years between 1900 and 1929 excepting 1916. Jack Kavanagh was instrumental in helping with the 1930s section. Dean Coughenour stepped to the plate for the 1940s, with additions by Eddie Gold. Professor Bill Borst helped with the 1950s and Morris Eckhouse contributed to the 1960s. Historian Bill Deane wrote the 1970s, while rookie of the year Shep Long wrote the 1980s, with additional help from Lloyd Johnson.   For special areas of interest, I relied on Pete Bjarkman for Latin America baseball, and Jim Riley and Dick Clark on the Negro Leagues. Sheila Buff contributed entries on the Japanese Leagues and Bob Carroll on MLB players who played in the NFL. And special thanks to Dan Okrent, Cecilia Oh and John Grabowski. John continues to be my colleague on the online version of the chronology. Dave Smith, David Vincent and Tom Duane were enormously generous during the Retrosheet years (which thankfully continue).
In addition to these people and others, several hundred books and publications were used in the research and fact checking. There are a number of books I came to rely on for accuracy including The Baseball Encyclopedia and Total Baseball for stats. I now rely on Retrosheet. Parts of the Chronology appeared in John Thorn’s Total Baseball. The Sporting News is no longer around, but it was a great source when the book was being completed. I still retain the TSN microfilm, though it is not necessary to resort to those. The New York Times was a source in the 80s, and along with the Chicago Tribune and L.A. Times, is still a source. Thankfully, I do not need to journey to the mid town branch of the Public Library to access the Times and Brooklyn Eagle.
The publications of SABR were reliable (Ed. Note. I later served as the Publications Director for SABR) and continue to be, especially the impressive Bioproject, headed up by Mark Armour and his team. These invaluable biographical profiles can be accessed through the SABR website as well as links within In hindsight, this was a publication that should have waited till Retrosheet was up and running and the internet was ubiquitous. That I contemplated this when print was king was an exercise in chutzpah.
Since 2000, there have been many people I rely on. The team at Retrosheet are amazingly generous and I thank them. Baseball is a terrific resource, especially on minor league stats. My good friend Lyle Spatz, has been very helpful with corrections and editorial direction over the years. Lyle and Marty Appel have both been of great help on New York Yankees information. Bill Nowlin, an expert on the Red Sox, was a great source on that team. Dick Beverage was a fount of knowledge on the Pacific Coast League.
Whenever information appears in the chronology that is from a specific author, I have a citation noted for them. I did not provide a citation when the information was available from several sources. If you find an error, please let me know and we will correct it or emend the entry.