1870 April

9th The amateur Stars, behind the pitching and hitting of Candy Cummings, wins, 27-8, over a hand-picked nine that includes Chapman, Ferguson, and Pike. Candy has 3 singles and a home run.

21st For the first time, two major teams open the season by playing a practice game. A crowd of 1,200 pays $.25 apiece to enter the Capitoline Grounds and see the Atlantics defeat the Unions of Morrisania, 24–10.

25th  Cincinnati begins a week of play in New Orleans with a 51–1 rout of the local Pelicans team. The Chicago White Stockings will soon arrive in town, marking the first time teams have gone this far south for spring training.

29th The Chicago White Stockings open their season in St. Louis, whipping the Union Club, 47–1.