1875 April

10thThe Mutuals play a practice game against a picked nine, winning 10–7. Henry Chadwick is the umpire.

11th  The New YorkSunday Mercury describes the activities of the New Haven club during their training for the upcoming season: “First, each man runs a quarter of a mile, then gentle exercise upon the horizontal bar is taken, after which a trial at vaulting on the vaulting horse is indulged; then a series of Indian Club swinging, followed by the whole team pulling about one mile on the rowing apparatus. After all this, the club retires to a bowling alley where they pass and strike balls.”

19thThe season opens in Boston with the Reds beating the visiting Elm City Club of New Haven. Al Spalding pitches a 6-hitter while three members of the Wright family play in the game. Elm City SS Sam, Boston’s SS George and Harry, captain of the Boston team.

22nd  The first championship match between the Athletics and the Philadelphias (called the Pearls or the Fillies) is played in Philadelphia before 2,000 people, including the Boston 9, who stopped on their way to Washington. Highlights are the triple by Cap Anson of the Athletics and the unassisted DP by Levi Meyerle of the Philadelphias. The Athletics win 6–3.