1879 April

1st  The Northwest League is formed with Davenport, Omaha, Dubuque, and Rockford. This league refuses to affiliate with the NA or NL, setting its sights at limited attendance and salary standards. In this sense, it is the first minor league.

3rdThe annual Fast Day opener in Boston draws more than 1,000 fans to the Boston Grounds despite the rainy weather. The Bostons play a hand picked nine, defeating the latter, 3-0. All businesses are closed today.

4th  The Providence Grays vote to establish a “bull pen” in CF for which 15¢ admissions can be purchased starting in the 5th inning. This would be a very popular ticket, with a daily rush in the 5th.

16thWorcester manager Frank Bancroft sends out a notice to other clubs stating, “that it is useless to accept the promises of guarantees from D.L. Foutz” of Baltimore. Young Foutz, the player-manager of the Baltimore B.B. Club, had guaranteed Worcester $50 for a game on the 15th. But the visitors had arrived 35 minutes late, and poor weather had kept the crowd to a minimum. So when the Worcester squad finally arrived, Foutz refused to play the game or pay the guarantee. The damage from Bancroft’s announcement would cause Foutz to decamp to Colorado for a few seasons.

24th  The NA season opens with the Capital Cities losing to their crosstown rivals the Albanys 3–0.