1880 April

4th“A very singular contest took place at New Orleans, La., on April 4, 1880, when five Northern professionals succeeded in defeating the colored professional nine of that city by a score of 17 to 3.” According to the account, reported 14 months later in the Chicago Tribuneof July, 1881, Tim Keefe pitched, Charlie Bennett caught, John Sullivan played first base, and George Wood and George Creamer “were intrusted with the onerous task of filling the other six positions.” Keefe played for Albany and Troy in 1880, while the other players were teammates at Worcester.

14th  The new Cincinnati ballpark on Bank Street is opened with an exhibition game between the Reds and the Washington Nationals. The park seats 3,490 and will serve professional teams in three leagues: NL in 1880, AA in 1882–83, and UA in 1884.

21st  George Wright turns down Providence’s final contract offer. Since the club has turned down Worcester’s offer and will not allow any other club to negotiate with Wright, he will sit out the entire season (except for one game), the first player victimized by the reserve system.

28th  Boston C Lew Brown shows up drunk at an exhibition game and is suspended for the season.