1885 April

1st  The Philadelphia and New York clubs open with exhibition wins over college teams. Philley beats Brown University, 9–1, while New York takes on Manhattan College at the polo grounds for a 16–2 rout.

The Spalding Sporting Goods store opens in New York.

3rd  The Metropolitans release Tim Keefe and Dude Esterbrook; both players later sign with the New York Giants.

10th In an exhibition game between the two St. Louis teams, Browns P Dave Foutz throws a no-hitter as they defeat the Maroons, 7–0.

17th  The 4 NL players (including Hugh Daily, Orator Shaffer, and Fred Dunlap) who violated the reserve rule in 1884 by signing with the UA before the season started are reinstated with fines of $500 each.

18th  The AA season opens with all 8 teams playing.

At an NL meeting, the 5 men who jumped the NL to sign with the UA in 1884 (including John Day, Charlie Sweeney, Dupee Shaw, and Jim McCormick) are reinstated with fines of $1,000.

Pitcher Ted Firth is murdered. He pitched one game for Richmond (AA) in 1884.

21st  Fred Mann hits the longest HR ever seen at Eclipse Park, over the RF fence in the bottom of the 13th inning to help Alleghenies defeat Louisville 4–3. Since a runner scores ahead of him, he does not get credit for the HR, which would have been his first and only one of the season.

24th  Pittsburgh and Cincinnati play 16 innings with the Alleghenies winning 7–6. This is the longest ML game of the year.

29th  After the 2nd straight shutout by St. Louis over Cincinnati, Reds manager O. P. Caylor fines his players $25 each for failing to make a run. The Browns (AA) prevail, 6-0.