1886 April

2nd  Capitol Park is opened in Washington with an exhibition game. The team will be called the Senators or Statesmen. The new park will carry the nickname “Swampdoodle Grounds.”

8th Tommy Burns of Newark slugs Elmer Foster of the Mets, precipitating a ruckus that ends the exhibition game in Newark. Another mob scene will be narrowly avoided when the 2 teams meet again in NY.

13th The Sam Barkley case is resolved whereby the infielder is reinstate and allowed to play with Pittsburgh. As compensation, Baltimore gets 1B from the Alleghenies, and St. Louis gets to keep the $1,000 payment for Barkley’s rights.

16th The exhibition competition between the AA and the NL ends with the AA ahead 19–16.

17th  The Opening Day game in Cincinnati (AA) is protested when the umpire refuses to put a new ball into play despite the new rule making 2 new balls available at all times.

19th Baltimore rookie Matt Kilroy pitches his 2nd two-hitter in 2 games, both against Brooklyn.

21st  Phil Reccius, the last of 3 ball playing brothers still active, suffers a broken leg, virtually ending his season.

Fred Mann of Pittsburgh lines a 6th inning grand slam , off Larry McKeon, to pace the Alleghenies to a 13-7 win over Cincinnati. PIT,

22nd  The Mets’ lavish new park on Staten Island is opened with a loss to the Athletics 7–6. Later this summer, cranks (fans) will be able to look at N.Y. harbor from the St. George grandstand and see the Statue of Liberty being assembled.

24th  Arlie Latham of the Browns goes 6-for-6 and scores 5 runs as the Browns beat Louisville 15–9. The loser is young prospect Bones Ely, who will soon be released, but reemerge in the 1890s as a shortstop.

25th The NL St. Louis Maroons play Leavenworth (Western League) in an exhibition game and get no-hit by William F. Hart, later of Cincinnati (according to Ernie Lanigan).

Because of a leg injury, Browns SS Bill Gleason misses his first game in 5 years, a 16-10 win over visiting Louisville (AA). The hard-nosed Gleason is known for his rough, physical style of play on the basepaths and in the field.

27th  Having failed to get a $1,500 salary from the NL to umpire this season, veteran Bob Ferguson signs with the AA and officiates his first game in Baltimore. The Orioles lose 2-1 to the Athletics.

29th  Opening Day for the NL. The New York World carries woodcuts of live action photographs taken by a “detective” camera, perhaps the first “live” pictures of baseball ever taken.

Thanks to poor baserunning by Baltimore, Brooklyn pulls off its 2nd triple play in 3 games. It is not enough as Baltimore wins, 14-9.

30th  The first NL game in Kansas City is played, the home team losing a tight game with Chicago 6–5 in 13 innings. This game is “recreated” for fans in Chicago at the Central Music Hall using a picture of the ball field and transparencies with players’ names on them.