1860 August

9th A crowd of 12,000 watch the 2nd match between the Atlantics and Excelsiors. Trailing 12–6, the Atlantics score 9 runs in the bottom of the 7th off Jim Creighton and hang on for a 15–14 win. Henry Chadwick, in the New York Clipper, writes that this was “the best played contest ever witnessed.”

23rd The 3rd match between the Atlantics and Excelsiors is played on the Putnam Club Grounds at Broadway and Greene in Brooklyn before a large and rowdy crowd of 20,000. So rowdy that in the 6th inning, some of the crowd breaks loose and tries to mob the Excelsiors. Excelsiors captain Joe Leggett, his team down 8–6, hustles his team into their stages and drives off amid a shower of stones and other missiles thrown by the mob. Umpire R.J. Thorn declares it a draw. The Excelsiors will never play the Atlantics again.