1867 August

8th A Grand match for the benefit of the Masonic Hall and Asylum Fund is played between picked nines from New York and Brooklyn at the Union Grounds. New York wins the well-played game, 13–7.

12th The Atlantics beat the Mutuals, 18–15, in the first match of the season series between the 2 clubs. George Zettlein pitches the win.

14th In one of the best-played games of the year, Union of Morrisania edges the Mutuals, 9–8, in 10 innings. John Goldie hits a game-winning home run.

16th In an exciting game before 7,000 fans at the Union Grounds, the visiting Athletics beat the Mutuals, 18–16.

20th William Buckley of New York patents a table-top baseball game which uses a pinball principle (as noted by John Thorn). This is similar to Francis Buckley’s Parlor Base-Ball, which is being marketed the past 2 years but will not receive a patent application until next year.

26th Six thousand fans are on hand at the new grounds of the Washington Nationals for a 3 p.m. game with the Mutuals. Two hours later, President Johnson and several members of his staff arrive and a re assigned seats on the balcony of the clubhouse. Johnson, who it is said of played baseball as a youngster, stays to the end of the game and shows great interest. The Mutes win, 40–16.

28th The Mutuals play the Athletics in Philadelphia, winning 23–21.