1868 August

4th  The quickest game on record is played at the Union Grounds, Brooklyn. Al Martin holds the Uniques to one run against 37 for the Eckfords in the 50-minute game.

6th The Union of Morrisania, on their Western tour, travel to Chicago where a good crowd sees the Champions defeat the Atlantic Club of Chicago 41–12. George Wright and John Goldie each score 7 runs.

The Champions of Marshalltown (Iowa) travel to Omaha, winning 32–16. Three Ansons play for Marshalltown: Henry, and his sons Sturgis and Adrian.

11th In Rockford, IL, the Unions of Morrisania play before 5,000, their biggest crowd on their tour. They win their 11th straight, beating the Forest City Club, 23–17. George Wright hits a homer off Al Spalding.

17th the first match for the Championship of 1868 is played before 15,000 people— who take a “stretch” after the first half of the 5th inning—at the Brooklyn’s Union Grounds between the Atlantics of Brooklyn and the Mutuals of New York. Home runs by Ferguson and Mills lead the Atlantics to a 12–11 win. Lipman Pike’s 3-run homer in the 9th makes it close for the Mutuals. John C Chapman, the Atlantics RF, makes a fine running catch with the tying run on 3B in the 9th. Dickey Pearce, the master of the “tricky hit” is cited in the New York Clipper with bunting, in which he “rolled a little hit” here or there. This is the first note about bunting and The Sporting News of January 1, 1898 will credit Pearce with bunting in this game and the match on September 10. TSN will also credit him with the “fair-foul” hit but without specific game citations. The article credits Tommy Barlow with bunts, but in 1871, with his “favorite two-foot bat.”

25th In Cincinnati, the Union of Morrisania club loses their first game after 25 straight wins, including a 12–8 win over the local Red Stockings yesterday. The Cincinnati Reds club wins, 13–12. Harry Wright plays SS for the Reds while his brother George plays for the Unions.