1869 August

2nd The Brooklyn Atlantics take a steamboat up the Hudson to Troy, where they are trounced by the Haymakers, 17-10. The winning pitcher is Cherokee Fisher.

4th A unique game is played between the Champion Eckford Club and a team of veterans of the 1863 Champion Eckford team. Frank Pidgeon is on hand but does not play. Al Reach plays 3B, while Jimmy Wood plays 2B. The “youngsters” are too strong, winning 30–7.

16th In Cincinnati, a crowd of 8,000 show up to watch the Champion Eckford play the Red Stockings. Led by Cal McVey, who has 7 hits and 7 runs, the locals overwhelm the Eckfords, 45-18.

26th  The Red Stockings gain their toughest and most controversial victory in their incredible winning streak. Tied with the Troy Haymakers 17–17 after 5 innings, Troy C William Craver claims to catch a foul tip off the bat of Cal McVey on the first bounce for an out, but the umpire disagrees. After a fierce argument, Troy leaves the field, and Cincinnati is awarded the game by forfeit. The ump’s decision is later overruled, and the game is officially recorded as a tie.