1873 August

7thfor the first time this season, the Philadelphia White Stockings lose a home game as Baltimore beats them, 5–4, behind the hitting of Levi Meyerle and the pitching of Candy Cummings.

16th  The Athletics, later enjoying a vacation of 3 weeks, make their reappearance at home, shutting out the Washington Nationals 14–0, with Dick McBride allowing but 5 hits.

Seven thousand people in Chicago see the Boston Reds defeat the Philadelphia Phillies (also referred to as “White Stockings,” but not in Chicago) 11–8. After the teams leave Chicago it is announced that a number of players have signed contracts to play in Chicago next year.

At Baltimore’s Newington Park, Baltimore OF Lipman Pike races against a horse named “Clarence.” Pike has a short lead after 75 yards when the trotter breaks into a run. Pike holds on to win in 10 seconds flat.