1874 August

3rd  The American visitors play their first game of baseball in London at the Lord’s Cricket Grounds as Boston defeats the Athletics 24–7. In the morning, a cricket match between the Americans and the Maryleborne Club is started. At the completion of the match on the 4th, the Americans are victorious 107–105. The American ballplayers will play in 7 cricket matches during the tour and will win all 7. However, the Americans field 18 players while their opponents use 12.

5thChicago’s first win over the Mutuals is tainted with accusations of crooked play by some of the Mutes players. The host Whites win, 5–4, scoring a run in the 9th. Mike McDonald, a notorious Windy City gambler, is said to have been on a binge last night with a prominent member of the Mutes.

24th  The American tourists arrive in Dublin, Ireland, where they play a baseball game, won by Boston 12–7. They then start a cricket game, finishing tomorrow with the U.S. winning 165–88.

26thIn Philadelphia, Candy Cummings allows 2 hits to beat the Atlantics, 23–1.

In Chicago, the Whites defeat the Baltimores, 6–2. Jim White, playing 3B for the Canaries, has 10 assists.