1875 August

4thThe Red Stockings Al Spalding and Philadelphia’s Josephs lock up for an 11-inning battle won by Boston, 4–3. A triple by Jim O’Rourke and a ground out by McVey result in the winning run.

9th  The underrated Philadelphias and their sensational P Josephs shut out Jim Galvin and the St. Louis Browns 16–0 on 5 hits. It is the first time the Browns have suffered a shutout in their history.

10thHartford’s Tommy Bonds one-hits the Mutuals to win, 7–0. Jim Holdsworth’s leadoff single is the only hit.

12th  With the score 1–0 and 2 out in the last of the 9th inning, Hartford’s Tom York hits a triple over the center fielder’s head. The next batter, Bob Ferguson, after hitting a number of fouls lefthanded, turns around and bats righthanded, getting a double to tie the score. Rain ends the game with the score Hartford 1, Mutuals 1.

17thThe White Stockings open their home stand against the Athletics and take a 4–1 lead into the 8th. Three errors by 2B Dick Higham—tainted in the view of some—lead to 5 unearned runs and an 8–4 A’s win. Only 2,500 are on hand as fan interest is looking towards next year.

20th  Tommy Bond pitches his 2nd one-hit game in 10 days. Bill Boyd of the Atlantics gets the only hit in the 2–0 victory by Hartford.

21st  The St. Louis Browns defeat the Boston Reds, who are minus the services of Al Spalding, suffering from a strained back. With Boston’s Jack Manning pitching, the Browns win 5–3. George Wright pitches the last 3 innings without allowing a run. This is Spalding’s first absence from a professional game in 5 years with the Reds and, before that, 4 years with Rockford.

28thThe Detroit Evening Newsnotes, according to historian Peter Morris, that the free list would be suspended for a much-anticipated game, with the “exception of ladies, who are always free.”