1876 August

1st1B Joe Gerhardt, Louisville’s leadoff hit, hits the first ball pitched from Al Spalding for a HR. But the lead quickly evaporates and Chicago wins, 15–7.

4th  Louisville, trailing Chicago by a wide margin with rain threatening in the 5th, decides to stall. They make error after error until the umpire forfeits the game to Chicago. The contest will later be ruled “no game.”

10th The catcher-jinxed Athletics of Philadelphia borrow turnstile ticket-taker Nealy Phelps from William Cammemeyer’s Union grounds crew to play. Phelps had a heady baseball career in the 1860’s but had only played spot games for much of the past seven seasons, including one game with the Giants this year. He had also umpired several games in 1874. Nealy goes 0-for-4 as Philadelphia loses to New York, 9-7.

12th Chicago’s versatile Cal McVey has the unusual distinction of both pitching and catching in a 5–0 win over Cincinnati. The win goes to starter Al Spalding, his 10th straight win over the Reds. According to Ed Hartig, Chicago has 9 shutouts this season and this is the only “chicago” with a relief pitcher.

18th  With the season two-thirds over, the lowly Louisville club plays its first errorless game of the season and beats Cincinnati 4–1.

21st  The strain of pitching almost every game is taking its toll on Tommy Bond, the 20-year-old, sore-armed hurler of Hartford. Candy Cummings takes his place and beats Boston 10–4. SS George Wright pitches a scoreless 9th for the Red Caps. Dick Higham of Hartford starts a 29-game hit streak that will last past this season.