1879 August

2ndBond pitches his 3rdshutout of the week (out of 5 games pitched) beating Troy, 9–0.

3rdThe Syracuse club is reportedly 5 weeks in arrears in paying their players’ salaries.

5th  After Providence P Bobby Mathews gives up 6 runs in the first 2 innings, he switches positions with 3B Monte Ward, who pitches shutout ball the rest of the way to rally the Grays to a 7–6 win. Captain George Wright would successfully employ this pitching scheme several more times in the season.

6th  After the Trojans lose again to drop their record to 12-34, Troy hires Bob Ferguson to take over as manager and captain, succeeding Horace Phillips and George Bradley respectively.

7th  An unusual base-path occurrence is the feature in Syracuse. The Star runner from 2B, Mike Dorgan, passes the man from 3B, Hick Carpenter, and crosses the plate before Carpenter is tagged out. There is as yet no specific rule about passing preceding runners, but the umpire calls both men out. The Stars beat Boston 6–5.

11th  Providence posts its 3rdconsecutive extra-inning victory and 8thstraight overall, beating Syracuse, 3–2, in 12.

12th  McCunnigle of Buffalo shuts out Cleveland for the 2ndday in a row, both final scores being 2–0.

13th  Chicago and Cincinnati try to play a makeup game, but the home team Reds refuse to play after a downpour of rain. The visiting Whites then appoint one of their traveling party as umpire, and he declares the game a 9–0 forfeit victory for Chicago. It will be declared a legal Chicago victory at the NL meeting in December.

14th  Troy snaps a 12-game losing streak, the longest this year in the NL, by beating Providence, 6–2.

15th Providence takes over first place from Chicago in the NL with a 16–7 pasting of Troy.

Cap Anson plays his final game of 1879 for Chicago as they lose for the 6thtime in 8 games since the Dubuque trip. The player-manager will leave the club to recuperate from a liver ailment, and Silver Flint will take over. Anson’s illness, coupled with P Terry Larkin’s lame arm, will doom Chicago to a 4th-place finish.

20th Chicago club president William Hulbert “puts some ginger in the boys” with a pregame pep talk, and the Whites respond with an 8–1 victory over Buffalo.

21st Dan Brouthers tries pitching for Troy and is roughed up for 17 hits by Boston. Tommy Bonds (8 innings) and Curry Foley (1 inning) combine to shut out Troy, 16–0.

26th Paul Hines is 5-for-6 and saves the game in the 10thinning with a fine catch as Providence beats Troy, 8–6. Joe Start finishes the game with a 10thinning inside-the-park homer.

27th The Chicago team leaves on an eastern road trip without Cap Anson. Anson will go to his father’s home in Marshalltown, Iowa, to recover his health.

29th Recently signed Lew Brown joins the Chicagos in Rochester and takes over as captain.

30th Troy beats Boston, 4–2, to snap the Bostons 10-game winning streak, which is tied with previous streaks by Buffalo (July 19-August 6) and Providence (July 30 – August 13) for the longest in the NL this year.