1891 August

1st Two home runs by Farrell pace Boston to a 7-3 triumph in St. Louis in the first game of a critical four-game series.

3rd  Scott Stratton shuts out the Philadelphia Athletics on one hit, 6–0, to snap Louisville’s losing streak at 15 games, the longest in the major leagues this year.

4th  Tip O’Neill goes 4-for-4 for the 2nd day in a row to lead the Browns to an 8-0 victory over the Reds. St. Louis wins the series 3 games to 1 and now trail Boston by just 4 percentage points.

5th In St. Louis, Athletics pitcher Ben Sanders uses just 91 pitches in an 11-inning game with St. Louis, in which the A’s win, 4–3. He walks one, gives up 7 hits, and strikes out 4. (as noted by Cliff Blau). The Sporting Life of August 15 estimates he may have thrown 15 called balls and strikes, excluding the walk and strikeouts.

6th  Jack Stivetts of the St. Louis Browns (AA) hits 2 HRs and strikes out 10 against the Athletics, but loses the game, 7–5. It is Stivetts’ second 2-homer game.

7th  A run-scoring wild pitch by John Clarkson allows Chicago to beat Boston 6–5 in 10 innings. This makes 4 straight games (dating back to the series in July that the Colts have beaten the Beaneaters in extra innings.)

8th  Boston edges Chicago 4-3 in 9 innings. The Colts now lead the Giants by 2 games and the Beans by 2 ½.

9th  Unofficial averages in the Chicago Tribune show Billy Hamilton leading the NL with a .343 average. Mike Tiernan is 2ndat .338.

10th   Philadelphia’s Tommy Corcoran connects for a grand slam in the 4th inning off Willard Mains and Philley wins, 16-8, over Cincinnati (as noted by David Vincent).

11th   The Boston Reds beat Kelly’s Killers 9-3 for their 7th straight victory since leaving St. Louis. The slumping Browns have fallen 5 ½ games behind.

13th  Bob Barr, recently acquired from Buffalo, has his Giant debut ended in an abrupt and bizarre manner when he is accidentally hit on the head by a ball thrown back over the grandstand after it is fouled out of play. The Giants lose 7-4 to Cincinnati and are now in 3rd place, 2 games behind Chicago.

17th  The underfinanced AA franchise in Cincinnati folds. Milwaukee of the Western Association is elected to take its place, a move that dooms that minor league. The Brewers sign 4 of the Kellys and several players from other WA clubs. “The King of Ballplayers,” Mike Kelly, joins the Boston Reds (AA) and is appointed captain.

18th  Milwaukee is victorious in its first AA game, beating the Browns in St. Louis 7–2. Back in Cincinnati, the NL game is enlivened by Cleveland’s Jimmy McAleer chasing the Reds’ Arlie Latham around the field with a baseball bat. Latham had tripped McAleer as the runner rounded 3B. No blows are struck as Cleveland wins, 6-2.

Hardy Richardson hits a grand slam in the 2nd off Egyptian Healy as the Boston Reds beat Baltimore, 13-9.

19th  In Boston, when deposed captain Hugh Duffy comes to the plate in the 2nd inning. He is presented with an elegant cane and a testimonial speech. When play resumes, he bangs out a two-run single to help the Reds to a 6-2 win over the Orioles before the largest crowd of the season (11.201).

21st  George Hemming, who fanned Harry Stovey 5 times on June 30th, fans Stovey 4 times today as the Bridegrooms beat the Beaneaters, 8–1.

Jim McTamany and Henry Larkin, the first two batters for Philadelphia (AA) crack homers off Boston’s Darby O’Brien. Darby shrugs it off and Boston wins, 11-4.

22nd  In six plate appearances, Walt Wilmot of the Chicago Colts draws 6 bases on balls from Cleveland Spider pitchers Lee Viau and Cy Young to set a ML record for walks in a game. Jimmie Foxx (6/16/38) and Andre Thornton (5/2/84) will be the only players to tie this record in the 19th and 20th centuries. Wilmot also ties a record set last year by Pop Smith’s who reached base six times with no at bats (5 BB, 1 HP). Chicago wins today, 11–9.

24th  A peace conference between club owners from the AA and the NL opens in Washington.

25th  The Boston NL club shocks the baseball world by announcing the signing of King Kelly away from the rival Boston AA club, thereby wrecking peace talks between the leagues. Kelly signs through the 1892 season for a total of $25,000, a figure that will not be topped by any player until the Federal League war of 1914 and 1915.

Chicago beats up on visiting Brooklyn, 28–5. Walt Wilmot starts swinging, collecting 4 hits, Cap Anson has 5, and Jimmy Ryan has a leadoff homer in the first of 8 plate appearances. Chicago collects 13 extra base hits and 15 singles off George Hemming, who goes the distance for Brooklyn.

26th  With a 9-8 win over Brooklyn, Chicago starts to show some daylight between themselves and the second and third-place teams. Boston is 5 games in back of the Colts, New York 5 ½.

27th  In what is called the “longest short game of the season” St. Louis beats Washington 10-8 in a game called due to darkness after 6 innings. The “marathon” takes 2 hours and 15 minutes, longer than most 9-inning games.

28th  Philadelphia beats Chicago 8-5 to snap the Colts’ winning streak at 11 games. Chicago leads Boston by 4 games.

31st  In the season’s best pitching duel, Chicago’s Bill Hutchinson and New York’s Amos Rusie battle to an 11-inning scoreless tie. A great throw from CF to home plate by Jimmy Ryan saves the day for the Colts.