1894 August

st  Cap Anson and George Decker each go 5-for-7 with a HR, and Jimmy Ryan and Walt Wilmot each score 5 runs, as Chicago massacres St. Louis 26–8. Anson’s homer is a grand slam. Bill Dahlen adds 3 hits, 3 runs and 3 RBIs as he hits in his 38th straight game.

New York earns its 2nd one-run victory over Boston the hard way. The Giants tie the game in the 9th with 2 out on a walk and 2 errors, and score with 2 out in the bottom of the 11th to top the NL leaders, 5-4.

2nd  Down 8 runs in the 5th, New York strikes back with 9 runs to take the lead against Boston, but must fight back again to knot the score at 13-13 in the bottom of the 9th, when the game is called on account of darkness.

4th  New York takes a pair from Brooklyn, winning 16-8 and then staging yet another come-from-behind win, this time scoring 4 times in the bottom of the 9th to frustrate Brooklyn 9–8. The win keeps the Giants 1 ½ games ahead of Baltimore.

Boston beats the visiting Washington Nationals, 11-5, as Charlie Ganzel returns to the lineup with 2 hits and 2 RBIs. In the 6th, Bobby Lowe accomplishes the rare feat at South End Grounds by hitting a homer inside-the-park, while teammate Herman Long hits one under the fence for a HR. Seven Boston players steal 9 bases.

Philadelphia takes a 7-0 lead into the 5th inning and then watches Baltimore roll to a 19-12 win. Frank Bonner connects for 4 consecutive doubles for the Orioles.

5th  With Anson at bat in the 6th, a fire breaks out in the grandstand of Chicago’s West Side Grounds. Hundreds are injured as the 10,000 fans stampede, tearing down barbed wire fencing that had been put up to prevent the 25-cent bleacher fans from mobbing the umpire. Jimmy Ryan and Walt Wilmot help rescue hundreds by hacking down a barbed wire fence with baseball bats and allowing fans to escape on to the field. The game is called with Chicago winning, 8–1, over the Reds Frank Dwyer. Bill Dahlen collects a single to run his batting streak to 41 games.

6th  Bill Dahlen is 2-for-4 against George Cross as Chicago outhits the Reds to win, 12–9. Dahlen’s streak is now at 42 games.

Fire again strikes the major leagues as sparks from a plumber’s torch starts a blaze that destroys the grandstand at Philadelphia’s Huntingdon Grounds. It will be rebuilt with a concrete and steel structure, but in the meanwhile, the Phillies will play six games at the University of Pennsylvania’s Varsity Grounds. It helps that the Penn’s coach is the Phillies manager Arthur Irwin.

Jimmy Bannon cracks a grand slam, off Al Maul, as Boston scores 12 runs in the 7th to beat the Nationals, 15-7.

7th  Boston’s Jimmy “Foxy Grandpa” Bannon becomes the first player to hit grand slams in consecutive games, connecting in Boston’s 19-8 win over Philadelphia at Varsity Grounds. Bannon’s feat will not be matched until September 24, 1901 and next by Babe Ruth, in 1927. Bannon is in the middle of a 25-game hit streak that started July 30 and will end on August 29.

In the fire-damaged West Side Grounds, Chicago SS Bill Dahlen, batting second, goes 0-for-6 to break his 42-game hitting streak. However, his teammates cover for him by defeating Cincinnati 13–11 on 20 hits. Leading the way is leadoff hitter Jimmy Ryan with 5 hits, and the 3rd batter, Walt Wilmot, who also has 5 hits and steals 4 bases for the 2nd straight game. During the streak Dahlen was 74-for-186 (.398) and drove in 44 runs: tomorrow, he will start a 28-game hit streak.

The NL totals 159 runs scored, a NL record not topped in the 20thcentury.

8th  Led by Billy Hamilton, who scores 5 runs, the Phils outslug first place Boston, 18-10. Baltimore sweeps two from Brooklyn to move a game behind the Beaneaters.

9th  Batting first, Boston scores 5 unneeded runs in the 9th, 4 on a grand slam by Billy Nash off Jack Taylor. Boston beats Philadelphia, 11-2.

10th Baltimore beats New York, 12-9, to stay two games behind first-place Boston and two ahead of New York. Joe Kelley scores 5 runs.

11th James “Bug” Holliday hits a 2-run HR with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th to carry the Reds to a 7-6 win over St. Louis.

Emulating Holliday, Brooklyn’s Candy LaChance slugs a homerun in the bottom of the 9th to overcome Boston, 11-10.

Chicago needs a 5th-inning grand slam from Charles Irwin, off Nig Cuppy, and 2 runs in the top of the 9th to top the stubborn visiting Spiders, 11-9.

John Tanner, a pitcher at Hebron, Kentucky, is struck by lightning and killed while trying to catch a fly ball.

14th  Taking advantage of the unusually small University of Pennsylvania field, visiting Louisville tags 6 HRs, including 2 by Tom Brown, to beat Philadelphia, 13–7.

Cy Young wins a duel with Win Mercer as Cleveland gets a sac fly in the bottom of the 10th to win 1-0.

15th  After executing a triple play in the 9th to preserve the tie score, Boston defeats Pittsburgh in the bottom of the 11th, 6-5.

17th  Philadelphia, still smarting from Louisville’s 6-HR assault 3 days ago, mauls the Colonels 29–4 beating Bill Wadsworth. Sam Thompson leads the stampede by spraying 6 hits and hitting for the cycle in 7 at bats. Three teammates—Hamilton, Sullivan and Grady—get 5 hits each, a ML record, as Philadelphia chalks up 36 hits, including 28 singles, both ML records. John Boyle and Lave Cross have 8 plate appearances. Ed Delahanty scores 5 runs as all 11 Phillies who bat have hits. The Phils end at a 5–1 record at Varsity Grounds, returning to newly rebuilt Huntington Grounds tomorrow with a victory over Cleveland.

18th  Baltimore retakes the NL lead from Boston with a 17–2 rout over Pittsburgh, while Boston is flattened 19–6 by Cincinnati.

Who would’ve seen that one coming? An article in The Sporting Lifeincludes this quote: “The games are entirely too long.  They are averaging close to two and a half hours.  Something will have to be done to shorten them.” (as noted by Bill Deane)

19th  The Orioles fall back into 2nd place by 4 percentage points with a 7–5 loss to the Pirates.

20th  Washington’s Bill Joyce smacks 3 HRs in an 8–7 win over Louisville. Joyce will finish the season with 17 HRs to place 2nd in the NL.

21st At Boston, Cincinnati pitchers allow a ML record 43 runs in a doubleheader loss to Boston. The Reds lose 25–8 and 18–3 with pitchers Chauncey Fisher, Tom Parrott and Bill Whitrock on the hill. Boston does all its damage in just 14 turns at bat, as the 2ndgame is called after 6 innings due to darkness. Tomorrow, Parrott is suspended for two weeks for “indifferent play.”

A day after beating St. Louis, 20-4, Brooklyn beats them again, 20-11, as Ted Breitenstein has an off day, allowing 24 hits and walking 6. Led by Burns with 5 hits, every Brooklyn player has a hit and a run. Brooklyn has 9 steals in the contest.

Eddie Burke of New York connects for a grand slam in the 7th, off Scott Stratton, and the Giants hold on to beat the Colts, 13-11. Chicago pitchers give up 11 hits and walk 11.

22nd  With the Giants up by 6 runs in the 8th, Chicago’s Bill Lange comes to the plate wielding a 5 foot 10 inch bat that had been given to Jimmy Ryan by a New York theater manager. Neither the umpire, John McQuaid, nor the Giants object, and Lange, who had struck out twice against Jouett Meekin, hits a soft grounder to 1B Jack Doyle, who mishandles it. New York wins, 8–5.

24th  Brooklyn’s Billy Shindle hits a 3rd-inning grand slam in a 15-9 victory over the visiting Cincinnati Reds. Chauncey Fisher serves up the 4-run homer.

25th  Settling a bet between Cap Anson and H.P. Burney, chief clerk of the Arlington, Chicago C William “Pop” Schriver becomes the first to catch a ball dropped from the top of the Washington Monument. He makes no attempt on the first ball, dropped by “Wild Bill” Hutchinson, and catches the second ball before a guard chases the group away (as noted in Jack Kavanagh’s The Heights of Ridiculousness). Outfielder Paul Hines was one of the players who tried to catch a ball dropped from the monument years earlier. Later today Washington defeats the visiting Colts, 9-4, and Schriver is 2-for-3. Kip Selbach’s 3-run homer in the 9th seals the win for Mercer, pitching in relief.

Led by George Davis’s two doubles, a homer and 4 scores, New York rings up a 18-6 win over Louisville’s Phil Knell in game 1. In an 8-inning game 2, Amos Rusie pitches a one-hitter to win, 5–1, and hand Louisville its 10th straight loss. John Grim has the lone hit.

Philadelphia wins its 10th straight, defeating Pittsburgh, 13–6. The Phils are led by Sam Thompson who has a homer, triple and two singles.

27th  In Philadelphia, the Reds sweep the Phils, 19–9 and 9–5, but game 1 will be protested by the Phils and end in a 0-0 tie. Billy Hamilton is hitless in game 1.

29th  New York wins its 9th straight game, 6-4, over Cleveland, and is now breathing down Baltimore’s neck for 3rd place.

30th  Baltimore edges Louisville, 9–8, and moves into first place as Boston falls to St. Louis. The Orioles will hold on to the lead for the rest of the season.

31st  Billy Hamilton ties George Gore’s ML record by stealing 7 bases in an 8-inning game against Washington. Hamilton’s heroics against the battery of pitcher Bill Wynne (in his only ML appearance) and C Dan Dugdale help Philadelphia to win 11–5 and, therefore, to sweep the doubleheader. Hamilton will swipe 100 bases this year.