1923 August

1st  Stepping in against the Indians Sherrod Smith in the 9th inning, Babe Ruth starts off batting righthanded. After taking a strike, he switches to LH and hits his 25th HR of the season. The Indians still win, 5–3. The Babe will again bat righty 4 days later.

2nd The Browns drop a pair to the Senators, losing 5–0 to rookie Monroe Mitchell, then losing 2–1 to George Mogridge. Mitchell will go just 2–4 in his only ML season. The Browns help the recruit by twice batting out of turn (as noted by Clifford Blau). In the first inning, Ken Williams hit in Jacobson’s place. Then, in the ninth, Hank Severeid batted when Gerber was supposed to, and the latter was called out. Coincidently or not, the Browns will fire manager Lee Fohl in a few days and replace him with Jimmy Austin.

3rd  No games are played in the majors following the death of President Harding in San Francisco on August 2nd. The schedule will also be canceled a week from now on the day of his funeral.

In the PCL game between Vernon and Los Angeles a base hit results in an odd triple play. In the 7th inning with McDowell and Griffin on base, Vernon’s Gordon Slade hits a line single to left-center. Left fielder Hood picks up the bounding ball and fires home, and McDowell stops at 3B. Griffin rounds 2B and heads for 3B as pitcher Payne intercept’s Hood’s throw and fires to second baseman McAuley who runs down Griffin. McAuley then throws the ball to catcher Jenkins, who tags out McDowell trying to score. Griffin evidently doesn’t think he was called out and trots back to 2B only to find to find Slade occupying the base. Slade then ambles back to 1B. Simultaneously, catcher Jenkins tosses the ball to Payne and the pitcher quickly relays it to SS Clyde Beck, who tags out Slade for the third out.

The Cubs lose shortstop Charley Hollocher. According to historian Charley Weatherby, Hollocher was plagued by mysterious ailments and left spring training and did not begin the season until mid-May. For the past several days, Hollocher has been absent from the lineup, but manager Killefer anticipated the shortstop’s return. But Killefer finds a note from Hollocher in his office this afternoon: “Dear Bill, Tried to see you at the clubhouse this afternoon but guess I missed you. Feeling pretty rotten so made up my mind to go home and take a rest and forget baseball for the rest of the year. No hard feelings, just didn’t feel like playing any more. Good Luck. As ever, Holly.” In 66 games this year, Hollocher was hitting .342, two points above his .340 of 1922. He’ll come back to play part of 1924 but hit just .245.

4th Travis Jackson drives in 8 runs on 4 hits, including a double and homer, to lead the Giants to a 14–4 win over Cincinnati. Irish Meusel has 4 hits and scores 4 as the Giants total 20 hits to help Rosy Ryan extend his record to 10-1. Jackson is the only rookie shortstop to register 4 hits and 8 RBIs in a game

5th  Against the Browns, Ruth again bats righthanded. After the Babe hits his 26th and 27th HRs off of Ray Kolp, relief P Elam Vangilder takes no chances with Ruth and walks him intentionally in the 11th and again in the 13th inning. Ruth bats righty against Vangilder. Bob Meusel’s single wins the game 9–8.

7th The Giants beat the Reds, 6–2, to sweep the five-game series with second-place Cincinnati. Reds starter Dolf Luque (17-5) endures heckling all afternoon from the Giants bench before confronting the New Yorkers and punching out Casey Stengel [he went after Stengel in 1920] landing a punch on the shoulder. Luque and Stengel are ejected and the pitcher is suspended [he will miss one start and still win 27]. Collier’s Eye, a sporting sheet, will allege that Reds’ players Pat Duncan and Sammy Bohne had been approached by gamblers who offered them $15,000 to lose the series. The players will be called before NL head John Heydler, and later the two will sue the publication for slander before settling out of court.

The Indians roll over the Washington Senators, 22–2, collecting 26 hits. Frank Brower is 6-for-6, while Homer Summa and Charlie Jamieson have 4 apiece and score 7 between them. Pitcher George Uhle has 3 hits. Down 13–1 in the 7th, the Nats bring in Squire Potter, but his only ML appearance is not pretty. Potter walks the first 2 batters on 8 pitches, and finishes the game allowing 9 runs on 11 hits in 2 innings, walks 4, with a wild pitch. The Indians mercifully get caught stealing 2B three times and have another runner out at 3B trying to stretch a double. Potter’s brother Dykes will have a similar record in 1938 (as noted in Retrosheet).

9th At Shibe Park, the A’s gang up on the White Sox, banging out 22 hits for a 21-5 victory. Sammy Hale does the most damage with 4 hits, 4 runs, and 5 RBIs to back Rollie Naylor (9-4).

At Sportsman’s Park, Frankie Frisch hits a 3-run homer in the 1st and adds two doubles, but the Cardinals hang on to beat the league-leading Giants, 13-12 in 15 innings. After New York scores a pair in the 11th, Rogers Hornsby ties it with a 2-run homer. Lou North is the winner with 4 hitless innings.

11th The Tigers lose to the Yanks, 10–4 and 9-8 in a series that features the top 2 AL hitters. Babe Ruth goes 3-for-8 against the Tigers, while Harry Heilmann is 5-for-10 against the Yanks. The two are neck and neck at .390 for the year. After the doubleheader, AL President Ban Johnson rules that Babe Ruth must give up his Sam Crawford bat, made for him by the future Hall of Famer. The bat is “four pieces of seasoned wood, carefully glued together.” On August 21, Johnson rules that only one-piece bats will be allowed, a rule that also affects Ken Williams, who is using a plugged bat.

At Philadelphia, the Indians beat up on the A’s winning 9-5 and 10-2. Tris Speaker has his third grand slam of the year for the Tribe, clubbing the four bagger in the 11th inning of the first game. Despite the sweep, the Indians remain 12 games in back of the Yankees.

12th In the first of two at Ebbets Field, the Dodgers collect 16 hits, including 3 homers, in beating the Pirates, 11-2. Brooklyn ace Dazzy Vance coasts to his 10th straight win. He’ll slide to 3-7 the rest of the way to finish at 18-15. Burleigh Grimes completes the sweep with a 3-hitter in the second game as Brooklyn wins, 6-0. Pittsburgh is now tied for 2ndplace, 8 games back.

13th In the 2nd game of the afternoon in Washington, Chicago’s Earl Sheely hits a 2-run homer in the 8th inning to beat Walter Johnson, 3–2. Dixie Leverett is the winning pitcher. Washington wins game 1, 5–4.

15th  Senators southpaw George Mogridge becomes the only hurler to steal home in extra innings when he scores an insurance run in the 12thin a 5–1 win over the White Sox.

17th  The Cardinals stop Brooklyn’s Dazzy Vance after his 10 straight wins, 8–5.

The Yanks edge the Browns, 5–4 at St. Louis. Ruth hits his 31st homer in the 1st and adds a double in the 8th. His first-inning homer, off Elam Vangilder, is into the RF bleachers and lands in a water barrel. After 111 games, Babe Ruth is hitting .401 with 31 HRs. He’ll wind up with his highest BA, .393. With 205 hits, a ML record 170 walks, and 4 times hit by pitches, Ruth will reach base a record 379 times.

18th  In Chicago, Babe Ruth clubs a 9th inning three-run homer off Chisox starter Mike Cvengros, and the Yankees prevail, 6-5. The homer over the RF bleachers is estimated to be 460 feet, according to Ruth historian Bill Jenkinson. It is the Babe’s third off Little Mike this year. Babe has 2 other hits and totals 5 RBIs.

At Baker Bowl, the Pirates edge the Phillies, 9-8, in 10 innings as Babe Adams (10-4) picks up the win with 3 innings of scoreless relief. Max Carey has 5 hits, 3 RBIs and 3 steals. Carey will lead the NL with 51 steals this year, the same number he stole last year.

In a Pacific Coast League match at Salt Lake City, the host Bees sting Vernon, 25-12, coming from a 10-6 deficit with one out in the 6th. The Bees then notch a 16-run, 6th inning, totaling 13 hits. Six Bee hitters have 3 hits in the game.

19th  At the Polo Grounds, Ross Youngs ends a pitching duel by lining a 12th inning inside-the-park homer off Wilbur Cooper to give the Giants a 2-1 victory over the Pirates. The Bucs manage just three hits off Jack Scott. Youngs is the second Giant (George Burns, September 11, 1917) to hit an extra-inning IPHR, and the last to do so this century.

20th  At Comiskey Park, the Yanks are winning a laugher, 16–5, when a dog wanders onto left field in the 9th inning. Babe Ruth briefly plays with the pup, then tosses his mitt to chase it away. The dog promptly grabs the mitt and takes off at the same moment that Sox rookie pitcher Paul Castner lofts a fly to left. Babe casually catches the fly bare handed.

21st A 4-piece bat used by Ruth is banned by AL president Ban Johnson because of the glue used on it. A protest is made against the Browns’ Ken Williams for using a bat with a wooden plug in it. Johnson rules that all bats must be one piece with nothing added except tape extending to 18 inches up the handle.

22nd Against the A’s, White Sox P Sloppy Thurston strikes out the side on 9 pitches in the 12th inning. Sloppy is the 2nd AL hurler to pitch a perfect inning and the only ML hurler in history to do it in extra innings. But great pitching by Eddie Rommel allows the A’s to win it in 13 innings, 3–2.

23rd  Reds 2B Sammy Bohne and OF Pat Duncan deny under oath that they have been approached to throw games with the Giants.

Red Faber holds the A’s to 4 singles and the White Sox roll, 10–0, making pudding of starter Bob Hasty. The Sox swipe 6 bases, 5 in the 3rd inning.

24th Two and a half weeks after the Indians put a whupping on Washington, the Senators return the favor, beating the Tribe, 20–8. Sam Rice scores 5 runs on 4 hits for the Nats while Joe Judge drives in 5 runs on 4 hits. Goose Goslin has 4 runs and 4 hits. Senator pitchers hand out 14 walks.

At Brooklyn, the Reds Dolf Luque (20-5) shuts out the Dodgers, 4–0, for his 20th win. The Havana hotshot will lead the NL in wins with 27 and ERA with a nifty 1.93.

25th White Sox rookie pitcher Clark Gillenwater makes his first ML start after getting bombed in his first appearance as a reliever. Gillenwater allows 4 hits to the Red Sox as he wins, 3-0, beating Howard Ehmke. Gillenwater will start and lose three more games, ending his ML career with this one lone shutout victory (as noted by J.G. Preston).

26th At Dunn Field, the Indians score 3 runs against Joe Bush in the bottom of the 9th to beat the Yankees, 4-3. George Uhle earns his 22nd win by scattering 10 singles and a double. Tris Speaker has 2 hits to start a 23-game hitting streak that will raise his average from .363 to .375,

30th At Boston, Red Sox ace Howard Ehmke beats the A’s, 2–1, for the 5thtime this year. Boston will finish in last place, but Ehmke will win 20 games.

31st  Giants owner Charles Stoneham is indicted by a federal grand jury for perjury. He will also be indicted for mail fraud. He had denied any ownership in 2 bucket-shop operations that had been found guilty of stock frauds; creditors of the 2 firms claimed he retained financial interests in both. Other NL owners are rumored to be forming a pool to buy him out, but Stoneham stays out of jail and in the NL.