1881 December

1stThe Buffalo club meeting reveals the Bison’s home attendance for 1881 was just over 32,000.

7thAt the NL annual meeting the owners reject the applications of Phil Baker and Charley Jones for reinstatement.

8th  The NL adopts a few new playing rules: the 3-foot line along 1B is adopted for the first time; runners can no longer be put out returning to their bases after foul ball not caught; the fine for pitchers hitting batters with pitches is repealed; the “block ball” rule allowing runners to take as many bases as possible on balls going into the crowd, the fielding team being able to put them out only after returning the ball to the pitcher in his box.

21stThe Boston club meets and elects a new board of directors, who will retain Harry Wright as manager. The club reports an operating surplus of $75 on home attendance of around 35,000.

22ndHarry Wright signs to manage Providence for 1882.

23rdThe Western Inter-collegiate Base Ball Association is formed by Northwestern, University of Michigan, and Racine College.