1882 December

6th  At the NL meeting, Troy and Worcester are officially replaced by New York and Philadelphia. A. G. Mills is elected president. Starting in 1883, pitchers will be charged with an error after a walk, balk, wild pitch, or HBP. Catchers will be charged with an error after a passed ball.

2ndJohn O’Rourke wins a $205 settlement from Boston for salary payments due him in November of 1880.

9th  James H. Dudley, manager of a top black club in Richmond, VA, initiates discussion concerning the formation of a black league with teams from New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Richmond. On February 10, 1883, Pittsburgh manager W. C. Lee expresses interest in the plan, but nothing comes of it.

14th  At its first annual convention, the AA establishes the first permanent staff of umpires in ML history. Previously, the NL and AA umpires were local men hired on game day by the home club.

24th   Cleveland signs One Arm Daily to team up with Jimmy McCormick, the NL’s winningest pitcher, in a two man rotation.