1889 December

1st The California League meets and officially awards the pennant to Oakland on the basis of their final day 5–4 win over San Francisco. The forfeit is thrown out.

16th  The PL is formally organized with Colonel E. A. McAlpin of New York as president. The league will not allow player transfers without the player’s consent, excess profits will be split between the capitalists and the players, and prize money will be awarded to the teams in the order of their finish.

17th  The PL adopts some new rules, including the 2-umpire system and an increase in pitching distance from 55 1⁄2 feet to 57 feet. A lively ball is chosen, assuring high scores in the upcoming season.

18th  The Brotherhood meets and expels members who have signed NL contracts, including Jack Glasscock, John Clarkson, Kid Gleason, and George Miller. Among those expelled, Jake Beckley, Joe Mulvey, and Ed Delahanty would eventually jump back to the PL and be reinstated.

20th Toledo is admitted to the AA.

Papers are served on Charles Buffinton and Billy Hallman for allegedly breaking their contracts with Philadelphia (NL). This will be the first of many battles between the PL and NL.

31st Three players purchased from the disbanded Kansas City AA franchise by the NL are divided by lot among the bidding NL clubs. Billy Hamilton is assigned to Philadelphia, while Boston is lucky enough to get both Herman Long and Dan Stearns in the drawing. Long made 117 errors at shortstop this year for KC, and will top the 100 mark in both 1892 and 1893.