1897 December

6th  In Baltimore, groundskeeper Murphy is making extensive improvements to Union Park. The infield between first and second is being raised 1 ½ feet to make it level with third base and right field is being raised five feet to make the level nearer to that of home plate.

7th  The Pittsburgh Pirates trade Joe Sugden to the St. Louis Browns for Morgan Murphy.

10th  Washington trades Doc McJames, Gene DeMontreville and Dan McGann to the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for Jack Doyle, Heinie Reitz and Doc Amole.

21st The Pirates trade pitcher Jim Hughey to the Browns for Bill Hart and $1800. Hughey will lose 30 games next year for the Browns, the last ML pitcher to do so.

31st  Charles H. Ebbets, 38, who “has handled every dollar” (NY Times, January 2, 1898) entering the Brooklyn club’s treasury for the past 15 years, gains a controlling 80 percent interest in the team.