1915 December

4th Former Giant owner Andrew Freedman dies at the age of 55. He owned the team for 7 years, firing a Steinbrennian 16 managers during his reign. The Sporting News eulogizes, “He had an arbitrary disposition, a violent temper, and an ungovernable tongue in anger which was easily provoked and was disposed to be arbitrary to the point of tyranny with subordinates.”

22nd  Organized baseball and the Federal League sign a peace treaty at Cincinnati, ending their 2-year war. Feds agree to go out of existence, but the ML pay an enormous price: $600,000 for distribution to FL owners; amalgamation of two Fed franchises, one each into NL and AL; recognition of Fed players’ eligibility, and agreement to bid for them in a Fed-controlled auction. Baltimore, hoping to get the Cardinals, balks, but conferees, eager for settlement, defer its claims—a decision they will repent at leisure.