1930 December

1st  Shano Collins, a native New Englander, is appointed manager of the perennial last-place Boston Red Sox.

9th  At its annual meeting, the AL reelects E. S. Barnard to a 5-year term as president. Barnard will pass away next March at the Mayo clinic.

Rube Foster, one of the most prominent figures in black baseball history, dies. The founder of the Negro National League, he excelled as a player, manager, and executive.

11th  The BBWAA votes to continue the custom of selecting an MVP for each league. Beginning in 1931 the annual vote of the BBWAA will designate a player for this honor in each league. Previous MVP winners will be able to repeat under the new rules, something that was prohibited by the AL in the 1920s.

12th  The Rules Committee of baseball issues a greatly revised code, reducing the number of rules by combining many. Not only is the sacrifice rule abolished but also the rule awarding HRs when the ball bounces into the stands. “Bounce homers” will be doubles. This had already been in effect in the AL but not the NL.

13th  The 15-year career of George Sisler ends as the Boston Braves release him. A lifetime .340 hitter who twice led the AL with averages above .400, Sisler would be among the first to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, enshrined in 1939.

15th  Chief Bender is signed by the New York Giants as a pitching coach. He had coached baseball at the Naval Academy in 1930.