1947 December

8th In a move that will anchor The Boys of Summer, Brooklyn acquires SS Billy Cox, 33-year-old P Preacher Roe (34-47 in 4 years in Pittsburgh), and little-used infielder Gene Mauch from Pittsburgh for pitchers Vic Lombardi, 25, Hal Gregg, 26, and former batting champ, 37-year-old Dixie Walker. In the spring Walker had requested in writing to be traded, but then changed his mind. Al Abrams, sports editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, opines, “I believe they [Pirates] got the better of it in the trade.”

9th The Indians pick up John Berardino from the Browns for Catfish Metkovich and $50,000. Because of a broken finger, Metkovich will be returned to Cleveland, and the Indians will add another $15,000 to complete the deal. At the end of 1952, Berardino will drop baseball as well as the second “r” in his name, and start a successful acting career in Hollywood.

10th Cleveland sends pitcher Red Embree to the Yankees for outfielder Allie Clark. New York almost took Embree instead of Allie Reynolds in a trade a year ago.

The Reds sell Elmer Riddle to the Pirates.

11th The Reds trade 1B Bert Haas to the Phils for P Tommy Hughes.

Branch Rickey announces that the Dodgers have signed an agreement with Bud Holman and the city of Vero Beach to rent 104 acres of a former pre-war municipal airport. They will pay $1 a year and take over the maintenance. In 1952, the Dodgers will sign a new 20-year lease for $1 a year, and on March 11, 1953, a new field will be named Holman Stadium.