1950 December

5th  Mel Ott, who has been working in the Giants farm system, hires on for 2 years in the Oakland managerial spot vacated by Dressen.

11th  At the winter meeting, held in St. Petersburg, FL, ML owners vote 9-7 against renewing Commissioner Happy Chandler’s contract for a new term, starting in 1951. The Cardinals’ Fred Saigh led the opposition to Chandler, who had jeopardized the reserve clause and ordered investigations of the alleged gambling activities of several owners. The owner also rescind the Bonus Baby rule, but will bring it back in a different form in 1952.

14th  The baseball owners choose Lou Perini (Braves), Phil Wrigley (Cubs), Del Webb (Yankees), and Ellis Ryan (Indians) to select a new commissioner as rapidly as possible.

18th  Yankee great Tommy “Old Reliable” Henrich calls it a career as a player. He accepts a coaching position with the Yankees.