1971 December

1st  The Cubs release Ernie Banks and sign him as a coach. Mr. Cub finishes his playing career with 512 HRs and 1,636 RBI.

2nd  The teams keep trading. Among those changing teams are Doyle Alexander (Baltimore), Dick Allen (White Sox), Tommy John (LA), and John Mayberry (KC). With Allen going to the White Sox for John, it makes the independent-minded slugger’s fourth team in four years.

The Yanks send pitcher Stan Bahnsen to the White Sox for INF Rich McKinney. Bahnsen will win 21 games for the White Sox in 1972, while McKinney will fail to win the 3B job in NY. Lee McPhail of the Yankees will call this “the worst trade I ever made.” The Yanks also get Bernie Allen from Texas in a trade for lefties Terry Ley and Gary Jones.

3rd  The Brewers trade OF Jose Cardenal to the Cubs for P Jim Colborn and 2 other players.

You mean he’s not the singer? The Reds get pitcher Tom Hall from the Twins for pitcher Wayne Granger.

6th  The Reds trade pitcher Milt Wilcox to the Indians for OF Ted Uhlaender. Uhlaender had 13 homers the past 2 seasons, and all but one came in Cleveland. He’ll hit none in Cincinnati.

10th  The Angels trade SS Jim Fregosi to the Mets for 4 players, including OF Leroy Stanton and P Nolan Ryan. This will rank as probably the A’s best trade.