1891 February

4th  The Athletics purchase Elton Chamberlain’s contract from Columbus for $2,000.

5th  Harry Stovey, who played with the Boston Reds in 1890, and like Bierbauer, was not claimed by that club through a clerical error, signs with the Boston NL club for 1891.

6th  The New York Giants’ salary list is leaked to the press. It shows a total player payroll of $54,600 with Buck Ewing’s $5,500 salary topping the scale.

14th  The National Board of Control “reluctantly” awards 3 disputed players (Lou Bierbauer, Harry Stovey, and Connie Mack) to the NL clubs that signed them despite the prior claims of the AA. Philadelphia (AA) assumed that with the disbanding of the Players League, Lou Bierbauer would return to play with them. They call the signing of the 2B by Pittsburgh a “Piratical” move, and the nickname “Pirates” will stick.

17th  The AA meets and indignantly unseats President Thurman, then withdraws from the National Agreement. This means “war,” and the AA’s first move is to switch its franchise from Chicago to Cincinnati to compete with the NL in the Queen City.

21st  The National Board of Control, with Thurman still acting as chairman, declares all AA players fair game for contract raiding.

23rd  Columbus pitcher Mark Baldwin tells the AA club that it “can depend on me,” even though subsequent events would prove that he had already signed with Pittsburgh in the NL. Pittsburgh also pirated 3B Charles Reilly from Columbus.