1895 February

2nd  The New York Clipper and the Cincinnati Times-Star both express disapproval of the proposal of putting numbers on uniforms as a means of identifying individual players. The Times-Star advocates a return to the use of “distinctive colors in club uniforms,” or the practice of assigning to each position a specific color pattern, first enacted in the early 1880s.

9th  New York owner Andrew Freedman institutes reserved grandstand seats to attract businessmen.

27th  Responding to the complaints of senior citizens like Cap Anson, the NL restricts the size of gloves for all fielders, save catchers and 1B, to 10 ounces, with a maximum circumference of 14 inches around the palm—in other words, less than 41⁄2 inches across. The NL also rescinds the rule forbidding “intentional discoloring” of the ball, thus allowing players to dirty the baseball to their satisfaction.