1899 February

4th  Hugh Jennings will not go south with the Brooklyn team but will get in shape as baseball coach for Cornell University.

7th  Under a joint ownership arrangement, several Baltimore players are shifted to Brooklyn, and that club transfers several to the Orioles. Manager Ned Hanlon takes Willie Keeler, Joe Kelley, Hughey Jennings, and others with him while John McGraw and Wilbert Robinson remain in Baltimore. The powerful new Brooklyn team will, by 1899, be called the Superbas (nicknamed after a vaudeville act called Hanlon’s Superbas), and in the 1913-30 era the team will be known as the Robins. Baltimore will do well with leftovers, but the Oriole dynasty ends.

17th  Barney Dreyfuss, principal Louisville stockholder, takes over as club president. Harry Pulliam is now secretary.

25th  The NL Committee on Rules recommends that umpires be given authority to fine unruly players $10 for a first offense. A repeat offense could result in removal from the grounds, but only a league president should have the power to suspend a player for three days