1900 February

3rd Rival forces fight for control of the Union Park ball grounds in Baltimore. McGraw’s men camp around a fire at 3B. Ned Hanlon, his former manager in Baltimore in the 1890s, now manager of Brooklyn and still president of the Baltimore club in the NL, has forces camped around 1B.

A writer for the New York Clipper, reflecting the anti-immigrant feelings spreading across the United States, asks, “What is baseball coming to? For nearly half a century things ran smoothly enough until they began to rope in a few ringers, such as [Eddie] Abbaticchio, [Louis] Sockalexis, [Ossee] Schreckengost and now Accorsini.”

7th  John B. “Brewery Jack” Taylor, three-times a 20-game winner and 20-game loser, including 29 losses in 1898, dies of Bright’s disease at 26.

15th  Unable to get backers in Philadelphia, John McGraw withdraws Baltimore from AL, ending prospects for the league as a rival to the NL. Two weeks later McGraw will sign to manage Baltimore (NL).

16th  Washington sells 8 players, including HR king Buck Freeman and P Bill Dinneen going to Boston, then disbands. Baltimore players are to be transferred to Brooklyn and syndicate baseball will be ended.

17th  Mary Hamilton Von Derbeck is to become owner of the Detroit AL franchise and Bennett Park in lieu of unpaid alimony. However, her ex-husband George Von Derbeck files the required bond with a Michigan court to cover the alimony due, regains ownership of the club, and sells it to Tiger manager George Stallings on March 6th.

28th John McGraw and Wilbert Robinson both sign contracts with Baltimore. When the long-rumored move by Baltimore to disband occurs, the two players are supposed to report to Brooklyn, but they will refuse and sit out the first third of the season instead, Finally, they are traded to St. Louis.