1903 February

5th  The Cubs and White Stockings, the first to play an inter-league series, announce a 15-game preseason City Series.

6th  Former ML P and umpire Hardie Henderson is run over and killed by a trolley in Philadelphia.

24th At a meeting of the joint rules committee in Chicago, the NL’s foul strike rule is adopted for use throughout the country.

28th  A syndicate headed by Pittsburgh owner Barney Dreyfuss and James Potter buys the Philadelphia Phillies from John Rogers and A. J. Reach for $170,000. It will be another 7 years before ownership interest in more than one team is prohibited.

A columnist in The Sporting News suggests that a number be pinned to each player so that spectators will know immediately who is playing and “will not be obliged to yell out to reporters.” Sometimes players are substituted for and “this change is not known for several innings.” The writer also thinks it “is a good plan to prohibit building up the pitcher’s box. The pitcher should deliver the ball from a level with the position taken by the batsman, but if the box is built up he has a big advantage, for he is pitching down. This was only a little fault at first but it has grown tremendously, so that on some grounds the box is several inches higher than the rest of the diamond.”