1905 February

2nd  Hugh Jennings, now managing Baltimore in the Eastern League, is admitted to the Maryland bar after completing law studies at Cornell. In two weeks Yankees OF Dave Fultz, a Columbia graduate, passes the New York bar exam. Fultz will suffer a late September collision with teammate Kid Elberfeld, breaking his nose and jaw, and retire at 31. In 1912 he will organize and lead the Players’ Fraternity.

7th  In Lynn, MA, Rube Waddell prevents a fire by carrying a burning stove out of a store and throwing it into a snow bank. Three days later he flees nearby Peabody to escape charges of assaulting and injuring his wife’s parents.

15th  Accused of throwing games, Cardinals righthander Jack Taylor is acquitted by the NL Board of Directors in New York, but he is found guilty of bad conduct and fined $300.

25th  While most clubs go south or stay close to home, the Cubs go to Santa Monica, CA, for spring training.