1910 February

1st Chicago (NL) acquires OF Ginger Beaumont from the Boston Braves for OF Fred Liese.

3rd In a good trade for the Cardinals, they swap Alan Storke and Fred Beebe to the Reds for Miller Huggins, Rebel Oakes and Frank Corridon. Huggins will start at second for six years and manage the club from 1913-17.

5th  Really! The Chicago Tribune reports that Bullet Jack Thoney of the Boston Americans slipped on a banana peel while out walking in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Thoney breaks his shoulder and dislocates his shoulder blade. Thoney will disregard his doctor’s orders to rest and will attend spring training with the team in Hot Springs, Arkansas, only to snap his shoulder blade while making a throw in the outfield on March 10 (as noted by Boston historian Bill Nowlin). The injury-prone Thoney also missed time in 1908 when he sprained his hand while boxing and last year broke his leg rounding 3B in a game.

15th  Both major leagues adopt resolutions banning syndicate baseball, which allowed owners to have financial interests in more than one team. The NL votes for a 154-game schedule to open on April 12th, which the AL has already adopted. Other rules: umpires must announce all team changes to spectators; batting orders must be delivered to the umpire at home plate before the game; a batter is out if he crosses the plate from one batter’s box to the other while the pitcher is in position to pitch; a base runner is out if he passes another runner before the latter has been put out.

The Pirates waive Vic Willis, despite his fine season last year, and he will be picked up by the Cardinals. Willis will go 9-12 for the second division Birds before waivers are asked on him near the end of the season. He will be sold to the Orioles.

22nd The Highlanders release veteran Willie Keeler so that he can make his own deal. Wee Willie will sign up in May with his old friend John McGraw and the Giants, where he will appear in a handful of games.