1913 February

1st  Jim Thorpe signs with the New York Giants, but the Indian Olympic-medal winner will be more of a gate attraction than a threat at the plate.

20th The Yankees pitchers and catchers, led by Hal Chase, sail for Bermuda to meet up with manager Frank Chance. The Yankees will be the first team to train outside the U.S. when they train in Bermuda. There is a rumor that Chase leaves as a first baseman but might return from spring training as a left-handed second baseman, if the experiment works. It won’t. Orvie Overall, out of the majors the last two years, says that he wants to play for manager Chance and does not want to return to the Cubs. Cubs president Murphy insists that, if he wants to play, it will be in Chicago. Overall will end up in the NL as a Cub, going just 4-5 in his last season.

American League umpire Billy Evans, writing in his syndicated column, reveals that Ty Cobb does not have perfect eyesight but suffers from a slight astigmatism in one eye. “Have you ever noticed how Cobb cocks his had to the left as he faces the pitcher? The slight cocking of his head rights his vision.”

23rd A’s owner Connie Mack announces that he has signed veteran Harry Davis to a contract for 1913 bringing the native Philadelphian back to the A’s.. He says it is a normal player’s contract but that he expects Davis to assist him managing. Davis gets 17 at bats, hitting .353, but does not make a WS appearance. Davis managed Cleveland in 2012.

26th The Cubs in Tampa play their first exhibition game, defeating the Havana Athletics, 4-0. Evers and Reulbach are the only regulars who start.