1919 February

1st  After winning an out-of-court settlement of his suit against the Dodgers for the balance of his salary ($2,150) when the 1918 season ended a month early, former MVP Jake Daubert is traded to the Reds for OF Tommy Griffith.

5th  Charges brought in 1918 by Reds owner Garry Herrmann and manager Mathewson against Hal Chase for betting against his team and throwing games in collusion with gamblers are dismissed by NL president John Heydler. Heydler decides Chase’s sometimes indifferent play was due to “carelessness.” Two weeks later John McGraw trades 1B Walter Holke and C Bill Rariden to the Reds for Chase, but the Giants will also have their problems with him. In September, McGraw will send Chase and Heinie Zimmerman home without explanation; during the investigation of the Black Sox scandal in 1920, McGraw will testify that the dismissal was because both players had thrown games and tried to enlist Fred Toney and Benny Kauff in their scheme.

11th Not the 19th century humorist. The Indians trade Josh Billings to the Browns for backup catcher Les Nunamaker.

21st The Yankees acquire 36-year-old spitballer Jack Quinn from Vernon (PCL), sending in exchange P Joe Finneran, 1B Zinn Beck, and cash. Quinn will be named a designated spitballer when the wet pitch is outlawed, and in 1921 will help the Yanks to their first pennant. He won’t call it quits till he’s 50.

22nd The Braves trade INF Jimmy Smith to the Giants for 1B Walter Holke.