1922 February

4th  Joe Harris, formerly with Cleveland, is reinstated by Judge Landis because of his good war record. Harris had been on the ineligible list for having played with and against ineligible players in independent games. “His service in France, where he was gassed after bitter fighting, caused him to do things he might not have done,” says Judge Landis in reinstating him.

9th  Landis cracks down on phony player deals. He fines the Cards and Tigers $150 each, and 3 minor league clubs a total of $1,400 for violating waiver rules. In March, he will assess the Giants $1,764 for the improper transfer of a player.

18th  Judge Landis resigns his federal judgeship, claiming the 2 jobs (judge and commissioner) took up too much time.

The Reds trade P Rube Marquard (17–14) and SS Larry Kopf to Boston for P Jack Scott (15–13).

22nd  Cards C Pickles Dillhoefer, 26, dies from typhoid fever following an operation.