1930 February

2nd  The Yankees waive Leo Durocher out of the AL and sell him to the Reds. Whispered rumors, repeated by Urban Shocker in his 2001 autobiography, contend that Leo was stealing money and jewelry from his teammates. Allegedly, roommate Babe Ruth beat up Durocher after a theft of marked money confirmed his suspicions. The Yankees, according to Shocker, prevail on the rest of the AL to waive Durocher. [Another story has Durocher, in debt, asking for a $1,000 advance on his salary from Ed Barrow so he can pay a hotel bill. When Barrow turns him down, Leo curses him, and Barrow trades him the next day to the Reds.]

5th The Reds trade 39-year-old pitcher Dolf Luque to the Dodgers for Doug McWeeny. McWeeny will play 8 games for the Reds, while the Cuban Cutie will pitch another 6 seasons.

12th  Connie Mack is awarded the prestigious Edward W. Bok Prize given to the Philadelphian who has done the most for the city in the past year. Mack, the first sports figure to be so honored, led the Athletics to a World Championship in 1929.

16th  Judge Landis rules that the Cards cannot farm out C Gus Mancuso to Rochester. Forced to keep him, the commissioner’s edict pays off when Cardinals regular C Jimmie Wilson is injured and Mancuso bats .366 in 76 games.