1942 February

3rd At a special meeting of owners to discuss wartime regulations, they decide to allow 14 night games for each club, with Washington allowed 21. Two All-Star Games will be played, one with a military All-Star team. Curfews are set for night games with no inning to start after 12:50 wartime.

5th In one of their best trades ever, the Braves get minor-leaguer Tommy Holmes from the Yankees for Buddy Hassett and Gene Moore. Hassett will hit .284, then join the Navy and will not make it back to the ML. The much-traveled Moore will be traded by the Yanks in less than 3 weeks. Holmes, with three .300+ seasons in the IL, could not break into New York’s all star outfield. In 10 seasons with the Braves he will hit over .300 and win the MVP in 1948.

7th Cincinnati stirs the hometown fans by selling popular Ernie Lombardi to the Boston Braves, where he will win the batting title in 1942 with a .330 average.

8th At California’s Folsom prison, the annual game between major leaguers and the prison team is stopped when it’s discovered that two prisoners have escaped. With the pros leading 24-5 at the end of 7 innings, the game ends and guards go after the two lifers, who are found 3 hours later. The major leaguers include Ernie Lombardi, Ernie Bonham, Gus Suhr, Joe Marty, and Johnny Babich.

12th Gordon Houston, an OF with Texarkana in 1940, is the first player in organized baseball to lose his life in WW II. Houston was making a routine training flight in Washington when his plane crashed.

19th Hal Trosky, whose season ended last August when he injured his finger, and suffering from migraine headaches that cannot be treated, retires as first baseman of the Indians. Trosky will come back to play for the White Sox in 1944 and 1946, but the Hall of Fame brilliance he showed in the 30’s is gone.

23rd Mrs. Charles Comiskey is abducted at gunpoint by two men while she is sitting in the waiting room of Ted Lyons’ bowling alley. They take a $3500 diamond ring and $12 after driving her around for 45 minutes. They release her and give her a $1 for cab fare. They did not molest her or take her mink coat.