1945 February

10th Thirty-seven-year old Jimmie Foxx signs with NL Philadelphia Blue Jays. Foxx hit just .050 last year with the Cubs.

14th Bob Quinn, president of the Boston Braves since 1936, relinquishes his job as general manager, and his son John takes over the post. The elder Quinn has been in organized baseball since 1900.

15th Billy Southworth Jr., the son of Cards manager Billy Southworth, is killed when his B29 crashes into the water off Flushing, New York. The 27-year-old was a veteran of 25 missions in Europe, and was the first player in organized baseball to enlist in WW2. The young Southworth was a well regarded outfielder with the Toronto Maple Leafs (International League) in 1940.

22nd At the ML meetings, the owners cancel the 1945 All-Star Game scheduled to be played at Boston’s Fenway Park on Tuesday, July 10. Even after the cancellation, schedule-makers leave the dates of July 9, 10 and 11 in case circumstances might change, permitting the game. In place of the All-star game, 8 simultaneous games pitting the NL vs. the AL are to be played. Seven are played, with the 8th being cancelled. Also approved is a rule change stating that a player needs 400 at bats to qualify for a batting title.