1970 February

1st  The Hall of Fame Special Committee on Veterans selects former commissioner Ford Frick and former players Earle Combs and Jesse Haines for enshrinement.

2ndThe Pirates trade Bo Belinsky to the Reds for Dennis Ribant.

13th  White Sox pitcher Paul Edmondson, 27, dies in an auto accident in Santa Barbara, CA. Edmundson, who debuted with a 9–1 two-hitter over California this past season, was 1–6 for Chicago.

The NL offices begin their move from Cincinnati to San Francisco, which will be completed February 23rd.

19th  Commissioner Bowie Kuhn announces the suspension of Tigers ace Denny McLain, effective April 1st, for McLain’s alleged involvement in a bookmaking operation. The suspension will last 3 months.

27th  The FBI arrests Lawrence Bankhead in Chicago, charging him with making threatening phone calls to Cubs’ star Ernie Banks.

28th  Pete Rose becomes baseball’s first singles hitter to sign a 6-figure contract, coming to terms with Reds general manager Bob Howsam for an estimated $105,000 per year.