1973 February

1st  Commissioner Bowie Kuhn announces the selection of Monte Irvin for the Hall of Fame by the Special Committee on the Negro Leagues.

The Orioles sell OF Don Buford to the Fukuoka Lions in Japan.

8th  The ML owners announce that “early bird” spring training camps are canceled until all bargaining with the Players’ Association is concluded.

25th  A new 3-year Basic Agreement is reached between players and owners, and spring training is slated to start March 1st. Among the provisions of the agreement are a $15,000 minimum salary, salary arbitration, and the “10 and 5” trade rule, which permits a player with 10 years in the ML, the last 5 of which are with his current team, to veto any trade involving him.

27th  White Sox slugger Dick Allen signs a 3-year contract for an estimated $250,000 per year, making him the highest-paid player in ML history.