1976 February

1st  East Lansing police arrest Dodger reliever Mike Marshall for disobeying the orders set by the Michigan State University police prohibiting him from taking batting practice. MSU feared he would hit balls too far and injure students on an adjacent tennis court. Marshall protests that it is against his rights as an MSU instructor and files a lawsuit against the school.

2nd  The Special Veterans Committee selects old-time players Roger Connor and Fred Lindstrom, and umpire Cal Hubbard, for Cooperstown. Hubbard becomes the first man elected to both the Football and Baseball Halls of Fame.

4th  Federal Judge John W. Oliver upholds Peter Seitz’s decision in the Andy Messersmith free agency case.

9th  Oscar Charleston is selected for the Hall of Fame by the Special Committee on the Negro Leagues.

17th  Mike Scott of Pepperdine pitches a 3–0 perfect game against California Lutheran University. He will be selected in the 2nd round of the June draft.

23rd  ML owners announce that spring training will not open until a new labor contract is agreed upon.