1997 February

2nd On the 50th anniversary of painting the LF wall green at Fenway Park, the Red Sox unveil their new mascot, Wally the Green Monster.

11th In a deposition given as part of an unrelated civil suit, Albert Belle admits that he lost approximately $40,000 on betting with friends. Belle denies, however, that he ever bet on baseball.

14thOn Valentine’s Day The Ballpark in Arlington is host to a wedding and renewal of vows of 300 couples.  Sponsored by a C&W radio station, which provides breakfast and post-nuptial wedding cakes, the 600 “I do’s” are presided over by Dallas justice of the peace Fletcher Freeman.

Free agent Roberto Mejia says “I do” to the St. Louis Cardinals.

20th  The Phillies sign free agent OF Danny Tartabull.Tartabull will break his foot on Opening Day and sit out for the year before retiring.