1880 February

5th  Worcester is voted into the NL.

12th  The Boston club cuts the price of season tickets from $14 to $12 after the Red Stockings failed to win their 3rd straight pennant last season.

20th  An article in the Washington Poststates that the National Association amended their rules, allowing for the use of either a round or new four-sided bat. But the Brooklyn Eaglewill note on April 14, 1880, that “(t)he Chicago papers claim that the four-sided bat is a failure. . . . ” It subsequently quotes a Buffalo paper: “The Chicagos have tested the flat bat and pronounced it worthless,” noting that “Gore, Dalrymple and Flint say, ‘It is an impossibility to keep the ball off the ground or to prevent it going up in the air with the new bat.'”

25th  Yale chooses not to join the American Collegiate Baseball Association because of professional players on other teams. J. Lee Richmond of Brown played professionally for Worcester.