1883 February

9thThe New York Grammar School League is formed. Only “regular attendees” will be permitted to play in the 14-team league.

17th  At a meeting between the AA and the NL at New York’s Fifth Avenue Hotel, the Tripartite Agreement (or the National Agreement) is drafted. In it the 2 leagues, along with the Northwestern League, agree to respect each other’s contracts, ending a brief period of player raids. Also, the reserve rule is amended to allow each team to reserve 11 players, an increase of 6. The National Agreement will usher in a period of peaceful coexistence, lasting until the Players’ League war of 1890.

27th  Benjamin F. Shibe, one of the original owners of the Philadelphia Athletics, patents an improvement to the baseball itself. By combining the ingredients of yarn, India-rubber, and cement, Shibe claims that his invention would better maintain the spherical shape of the ball even after repeated hits by baseball bats. Part of the improvements involved the tighter winding of the yarn and integrating the yarn in the cement to maintain the integrity of the sphere.