1887 January

1st  Brooklyn owner-manager Charles Byrne gives a New Year’s bonus of $50 to each of his club’s reserve players.

12th The Metropolitan club buys Dude Esterbrook from the New York club. Although the Mets are no longer owned by the Giants’ management, the Giants still seem to get the best of every deal between the 2 clubs.

18th  A new Kansas City club is founded to play in the Western League. It vows to compete with the local NL team.

23rd In Alameda, California, Dave Foultz and a Louisville-based touring team are accused of throwing a game against another touring team of eastern pros. These exhibitions and the local California League competition are making for a lively winter in the Bay area.

26th In Wheeling, WV, Jack Glasscock and Joe Miller are locked up overnight on drunk and disorderly charges after a scuffle with police at the local opera house.