1891 January

2nd  The owners of the new Athletic franchise in Philadelphia hire the old A’s manager Billy Sharsig.

13th  Committees from the American Association and the National League hold a joint session in New York to distribute players who had jumped to the PL.

14th  The NL votes to allow the AA to place a team in Boston, despite the vehement opposition of the owners of the Boston NL club.

15th  The AA finally reaches a settlement with the ousted Toledo, Syracuse and Rochester clubs, clearing the way for an 1891 circuit in St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville, Columbus, Washington, Baltimore, the Athletics, and Boston.

16th  The NL, AA, and Western Association sign a new National Agreement calling for the creation of a 3-man Board of Control to settle disputes between clubs and leagues.

17th  In an effort to bolster the “weak sisters”, the AA votes to split admission receipts evenly between the home and visiting clubs.

19th  Louis Bierbauer, who played with the Athletics in 1889 before jumping to the Brooklyn PL club in 1890, signs with the Pittsburgh NL club, much to the consternation of the Athletics and AA.